How to fix Add to Cart Variation via Ajax Woocommer 2.1.x

Variable add to cart Ajax

I am trying to customize a theme using Woocommerce and I have encountered a couple of hurdles.

  •  It seems the design of woocommerce in terms of AJAX add to cart is only allow simple products to do so.
  • Add to cart variation js is only loaded when in single products page so that prevents developers from using that on other pages via ajax unless we dequeue and enqueue it again without the is_product() check.
  • Add to cart variation js seems to have no scope because the original design was to function only on a single products page but this is a serious limitation because what if I wanted to utilize this js in other pages as stated on item 2 and i have say a grid of products. Without scope, the jquery selects would select all products in the grid instead of a specific product with scope. For example, if I click on a variation dropdown, it would trigger changes to all selects in all products instead of only the one I clicked…Again because it is lacking scope.

I have spent two days to find out this problem, Now let fix it for your business.

Please contact me for fix at